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Pop sensation,  Mc Galaxy has reacted to the dealings he had with the sister of popular blogger Linda, Laura Ikeji.

Laura,  a fashionista, and the pop singer were said to be very close and many had expected something out of it. But surprisingly,  Laura got married to the brother of Nigeria ex superstar,  Nwankwo Kanu, Ogbonna Kanu,  who was her ex boyfriend.

Although Mc Galaxy,  who admitted that he and Laura were very close,  said he did not regret his actions by not asking Laura out  because he knew he had a boy friend.

He also confessed that Laura is part of those who made out his brand today:There was nothing between Laura Ikeji and I. She is not just my best friend but I refer to her as my sister because she knows about everything that I want to do. If I listen to her advice, everything works out fine and I consult her before I sign some artistes. If she tells me not to do so, I listen to her because she is very intelligent. If she talks to you and you listen, you would make it. The reason my brand is big today is because of Laura. I was not used to granting interviews but she advised me that I need it. I am just lucky and blessed. As a smart guy, if you have such a person as a friend, you have to keep them as friends because the moment you mess it up, things might go sour,” he said.

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