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The troubled political structure of Ogun state gubernatorial aspirant Ladi Adebutu is facing severe attack.

Former ally now major opponent in the intense struggle for control of the State chapter of the People’s Democratic Party, Kashamu Buruji has changed tactics against Adebutu.

Insiders disclosed Kashamu is waging another kind of war to collapse the political structure of the gubernatorial aspirant.

It was also disclosed Buruji is attempting to lure away some of the disenchanted amongst Adebutu’s men.

“Kashamu is targeting Adebutu’s strong men,…those identified as his key loyalists and making them juicy offers to switch allegiance” a source disclosed.

Sources confirmed Kashamu is making the move through third parties but known members of his camp.

“He is no longer attacking Adebutu openly, but now wants to take away his political might by luring away political players who make people see him as a man of influence” a source explained.

Insiders furrther revealed that Adebutu’s camp is currently decorated with disenchantment and growing distrust.

The gubernatorial aspirant is accused of “doing it all alone” and giving special preferences to certain individuals described as “from his local government area”.
Said to have secured “trust” through “patronage”, the gubernatorial aspirant is said to be lording his wishes on his team, irrespective of how credible contrary arguments are.

“He acts like his funds would always get him what he wants, that the people around him are just numbers on display for the world to see…his men are complaining, especially those who want to make meaningful contributions.

Insiders disclose this situation is what Kashamu is attempting to leverage on as he changes tactics in the war of influence with his former protégé. gathered some of the targeted men were even offered the option of staying in place, but just swear loyalty to Kashamu and be ready to do his bidding when the time is right.
Cash and car gifts, employment opportunities for people of choice and related inducements are reportedly being thrown in their faces.

Adebutu, a former protégé of Kashamu now controls the PDP structure in Ogun state – and is the chief financier of the party.

Kashamu is looking at weakening Adebutu’s control by buying the loyalty of his men in the attempt to secure a foothold back into the system.
“Yes, some of those being targeted are executive members of the state chapter of the party” a source declared.

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