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An Instagram user, who bears @mr_elettu_flip_cash, has been strongly warned against his evil deeds targeted at scamming people online.
For over months now, this fraudster who called himself @mr_elettu_flip_cash, has been seen posting different alert screenshots which do not belong to the real Philanthropic Prince Kazeem Austin Eletu, to give people the impression that he was giving out cash, using that to get people scammed, reports say.
However, in a statement made by the chairman, Kazeem Royal Properties Ltd and Prince Kazeem Eletu Odibo Foundation, on his official Instagram handles @prince_eletu and @kazeemroyal respectively, strongly warned the unrepentant fraudster.
“I don’t know why someone is hell bent on soiling my name. I have put up several disclaimers concerning this account yet this guy would not just relent.”
“In this month of Ramadan, Almighty Allahu will expose and disgrace whoever that is behind this.  If that person doesn’t change, he/she will be miserable for life. Every attempt to tarnish my image will surely backfire.”
Meanwhile, the authentic 1million Prince Kazeem Eletu Giveaway is still ongoing every Thursday to whoever is interested in partaking.
Therefore, any account not @prince_eletu and @kazeemroyal or @princekeletufoundation on Instagram and Kazeem Royal on Facebook are fraudulent accounts. Pls be warned!
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