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In a way of sanitising the minds of those who may be suffering from the disease of the heart, it is imperative to at first quickly distinguish between radicalism and rascalism.

This is important because many a time, majority of people erroneously misuse rascalism in place of radicalism.

To be rascal in nature means to be mischievous or cheeky in an awkward manner that leads someone to loss his reputation in the sight of the right thinking members of the society.

But to be radical means to be reasonably advocating for a genuinely political or social changes through the instrumentality of law and justice or through the customary exceptional knowledge and wisdom one possesses. This, without doubt is the exact arena wherein Chief Adeyemo, Sunday ( Igboho) belongs.

Sunday Igboho, by his natural endowed exceptional character, is a dogged fighter with an equanimity different from all the street urchins or motor park touts that lack foresensic wisdom and understanding.

The passion of Igboho lies in the act of defending the vulnerable people whose rights and privileges are being cheated either by the state or by the any upper ruling classes in the society.

In the area of discrimination or segregation, Igboho’s name is hardly mentioned. All that he is advocating for at all times is unity among his fellow human beings especially from his cultural background.

While still enjoying his short holiday in the City of Belfast, the entire Nigeria community of various organisations in Northern Ireland, UK are wishing him every success in all his endeavours in life.


Adeniji, Alaba Olawale

For and on behalf of JJIMP

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