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Crisis has obviously hit the Fuji circle of the Nigerian entertainment industry as one of them popularly called Wasiu Alabi Pasuma, allegedly insulted his senior colleague Alhaji Abass Akande Obesere, recently.
The crisis began to rear it’s ugly head after Pasuma openly, during his 50 years birthday special release entitled ‘My Story’, where he said truly Obesere reigned before him but he is older than he, as he continues to brag with his successes.
Ever since, fans all over the world have begun to trade words on social media. Obviously, the name of Pasuma wouldn’t stop reoccurring as a person who quickly forgot his helper.
According to history, it was said Obesere, while he used to perform in his early days would give Pasuma the opportunity to share in his performance, even when the audience would turn it down. But Obesere usually had a way of pacifying the engineers to record him and the audience to listen to him. After

sometime, Obesere had told Eru Owa to boost Pasuma’s prestige as he was living in a room in Mushin without a car. Eru Owa obliged Obesere and gave Pasuma a car and a house in Omole, where he still lives, it was gathered.
 A picture of Pasuma embracing Obesere from behind was at Stadium Hotel many years ago when Obesere was still ensuring Pasuma breaks through.
More so, Obesere was said to have rendered countless assistance to Pasuma in gifts and cash. He would not come back from abroad then without bringing Pasuma clothes and other stuffs needed. He even bought him his first wireless microphone it was gathered.
With all of these, many have said Pasuma’s words were demeaning, and showed his level of egoism and ill-mannerism.
A Facebook user, Adebowale Hammed Adegboyega, “Pasuma no get sense”. Speaking, a Facebook fan named Segun Olakusibe said: “How could Pasuma say all those senseless things? He’s such an ingrate? How old is he? Is he even up to 50 years old if not that we just kept silent? How old are his managers, Edidowo Matthew and Taiye Balinga? They are older than him and they have not celebrated 50. Pasuma should just keep shut abeg!” Another Facebook user who goes by the name Akeem Akinwale said, “this is just how ungrateful people can be. I remember vividly in those days if Obesere travels abroad, he will always come back home with plenty of gifts for all these artistes, including Pasuma. I could remember that the first wireless mic Pasuma used, it was Obesere that bought it for him. This is how people bite the finger that fed them when they are a bit comfortable.”

Another user, Ibraheem Ganiyu Gib said: “What exactly does Pasuma want now? I would have loved him to be grateful to God for being favored, rather than igniting unnecessary controversy. Asides Osupa, Malaika and Atawewe’s cases, claiming age seniority over Obesere in this clip is ridiculous and rude. Haba!”
However, at the time of filing this report, all efforts to reach Pasuma proved abortive.
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