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DAPPER Releases “Let You Down That Got Fans Debating For Days

Fast rising singer and Kettle Entertainment frontline act, Oladapo Lawal, popularly known by Dapper, has come again with another mind-blowing single, “Let You Down”, which dragged many of his fans into a serious conversations on social media for days.

The bone of the contention was that his last single, “Longtime” was better than the new one, “Let You Down”, which recently hit different music platforms for consumption and have recorded massive downloads worldwide.

While some of his fans had maintained that both singles were great love songs but “Longtime” was dope, considering the deep lyrics. Others were of the opinion that the latest ,”Let You Down”, has a different vibe and more mature lyrical alignments.

“Let You Down will be greater than Longtime in future because the former preaches love, not in connection with women alone, but the human race in general to avoid racism,” a user said on Twitter.

Also commenting, another user said: “No matter what anybody says here, Longtime is still the best from Dapper.”

R, however, noticed that the artiste in question didn’t react throughout the conversation period and decided to reach out to him.

While responding, Dappertharapper, as he is known on social media, said “I have decided to watch everybody’s comment and noted the vital points. For me, both songs have great lyrics but the fans have the final say because they are the best people to say which song is good or bad.”

Speaking further, he noted that he was amazed by the turn out of people when the latest single was released a couple of days ago and promised to release the visuals before very soon.

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