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By Olakunle Taiwo
Philanthropist and real estate giant, Ambassador Dr. Prince Kazeem Austin Eletu Odibo, chairman Kazeem Royal Properties Ltd, who derives joy in putting smiles on people’s face, believing that was one of his major purpose on earth.
A lot of people, including the widow, widowers, motherless babies, entrepreneurs, among others have benefited from his goodwill in the past and are still enjoying such.
The elephant has sneezed again! This time he has confidently said that he could give out a sum of 1 million Naira each to 10 persons in order to empower them.
He made this mind blowing statement on his official Facebook page ( Kazeem Royal) and Instagram (@kazeemroyal) in the early hours of Saturday.
However, the statement has raised thousands of his fans’ hope as many have started asking questions of how the lanky Prince would go about the selection, knowing full well that the Prince Kazeem Eletu Odibo Foundation chairman does not talk much, but whenever he speaks, he holds his ground.
In his words: “I could conveniently give 10 people 1M each to empower them. I have given people money in the past to set up a business. Months later, they would come back to tell me the business is not thriving.”
He however noted that most of these beneficiaries wasted the resources in the past because they had got it without stress.
“I found out it was because I never asked them for anything in return. Sad as it was I don’t want that to block other people from benefiting from me.
As regards Thursday giveaway which he started lately and many had benefited from, he has this to say;
“I purposely asked for minimum of 100 likes on the proposal to see how you can market your product. If you are finding it difficult to tag people to like what could set up your business for you, how will you market your business when you finally start?
“You cannot separate effective marketing from a successful business. That is why I said at least 100 likes can get you the 50k. It means even before you start that business, get at least 100 people to believe in your proposal.
“The winner of Thursday Giveaway is @ iamnursefaith with 109  likes on Instagram congratulations,” he concluded.
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  1. May God continue to increase and protect you always in respect to benevolent act. When you call for one a thousand shall be at your beck and con.

  2. God bless you sir,I believe I will benefit from you this time around. I have gotten good business that will benefit me and others once I put money on it.

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